Asia Fitness and Health Expo 2017

23 – 24 September 2017 – Exhibition

Asia Fitness & Health Expo (AFHE) is an exclusive all-in-one platform. Specially created to serve the interests of fitness enthusiasts & sport lovers, the Expo will provide best practices and guidance towards leading a healthy and active lifestyle, staying fit and updated with the latest fitness programmes and techniques in the market.

With strong support from the fitness & sport industry professionals, AFHE will bring together the latest sports & fitness trends, new launch products & services, exciting activities like AFC Asia Fighting Championship Muay Thai on day 1 ( 23 September 2017) , AFC Physique Championships on day 2 (24 September 2017)!

Programme and Highlights:

  • Asia Fighting Championship 2017( 23 September, Saturday )
  • Asia Fighting Championship Physique Championships 2017 ( 24 September, Sunday)


Asia Fitness & Health Expo, AFHE 2017 is one of Singapore’s Most Exciting Health, Fitness and Sports Expo for all ages.

  • AFHE aims to contribute to heighten the fitness trade in the South-East Asia Region.
  • A platform to showcase leading industry accomplishments, up-to-date methods in training and sportswear businesses, latest fitness agendas and ground-breaking smart health devices & technologies.
  • Introducing various fitness & health wellness workshops and seminars provided by industry leaders and superb trainers and speakers.


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Pound Workout will be for demonstration only. Please visit Jumping Singapore booth if you are interested to find out more.



Our fitness and Muay Thai training facility, Muse Fitness Club, Singapore is accredited under The Amateur Muaythai Association Singapore (AMAS); National Sports Association (NSA), accredited under Sport Singapore, member of Singapore National Olympic Council. Muse Fitness Club, Singapore too, acts as the main training ground and sponsor to the National Muay Thai Team of Singapore through provision of training, space, equipment, and, as an organizer to the official National Qualifiers and Competitions to the local youths of the industry and sport.


Fitness First (SPONSOR)

  • Fitness First Singapore is a 18-club network in strategic locations island-wide with cutting-edge gym facilities, extensive choice of classes and team of certified trainers to suit every fitness need.
  • Over 222,000 members generating close to 15 million visits per year, Fitness First carries unparalleled brand equity across the region.
  • With an unrivalled club network in the region, a unique range of proprietary group fitness classes/experiences, class-leading fitness app CustomFit, and a reputation for service excellence, Fitness First is well placed to build on its leadership position in the fast-growing Asian fitness market.

Jumping® Singapore

Jumping® Singapore is a social enterprise initiative of New Hope Community Services. It is set up to generate revenue to fund the social programs of New Hope Community Services. We sell trampolines, conduct Jumping® Fitness Classes and organize events. Jumping® Fitness is a sports movement founded by TOMÁŠ BURIÁNEK and JANA SVOBODOVÁ of Czech Republic. It is a comprehensive fitness program using the mini trampoline.


Irene Tan

  • Irene Tan, well known in the Health and Fitness Industry is also an Entertainer, a Beauty Trainer and an Artiste.
  • As a Fitness Instructor she brings vibrancy to different Fitness Programs. She will be there to hype up the Event with Fitness Activities such as Zumba and Trampoline Jumping.
  • The hype Irene creates via energetic and vibrant songs that she sings also creates the fun in wanting to participate
  • Want to lose weight? Look for Irene as well! What is a better way to lose weight and have fun? – Drinking the correct water and live a healthier lifestyle!

Health Can Be Fun

  • Established as a Nutrition Consultancy Company in Singapore by Fiona Chia in 2012
  • Focuses on developing and delivering quality nutrition programmes to various communities such as corporates, parents and schools
  • Provides professional consultation services for various industries such as Food and Beverages, IT and Statutory boards and Catering companies

JOIN US AT WELLNESS PARTY HOSTED BY HEALTH CAN BE FUN as we bring you many wellness activities and health & food booths that will help you to boost your health! GET HYPED with healthy spreads, diabetic-friendly foods, healthier juices and pastries, as well as fitness activities like yoga and k cardio! Watch out for exclusive rates, meeting people that are passionate about making you healthy and strong, trying foods that taste good yet healthy and so much more!


Zen'Yu Pacific Pte Ltd

  • ZEN’YU Pacific Pte Ltd ( incorporated in August 2003, is a provider of Integrative Pain Management and Sports Science solutions focused on the Silver and Sports industry. It also owns ACTIV360 Pte Ltd that focused on providing sports and fitness certifications including training for corporate and sports communities.
  • ZEN’YU distribute its products through retail pharmacy chain stores, departmental stores, and a network of medical & sports resellers. It also operate its own concept store ACTIV360 by ZEN’YU at #03-42 Novena Square Velocity.

New Hope Community Services

  • New Hope Community Services is founded to serve a practical need in Singapore – to provide transitional shelters of hope for homeless families and individuals. Since its inception in 2004, New Hope Community Services has stayed true to its original purpose.
  • With counselling, skills training and coaching we seek to equip and empower our beneficiaries to break out of extreme poverty and to gain a footing in life.

J Platform

J Platform specializes in providing services in relation to dance and fitness. We conduct mass dances and workouts in events, choreography for D&D staff performances, as well as holding regular corporate dance and fitness classes.

Ohmsantih Yoga

Established in 2011. At OhmSantih, our classes are small, and we know practically everybody. We are more than just a studio – we are a yoga family. There are usually not more than 5 to 6 students in each class, so that our dedicated teachers are able to personalise the lessons according to individual needs, and also provide quality attention and adjustments to poses during the lesson.

Sports Lead Academy

  • Sports Lead Academy as Owner, Stakeholder, mentor and partner, is committed to meet the needs of our clients through the provision of innovative services that enhances the delivery of holistic sports education.
  • Sports Lead Academy [S.L.A] will be valued for its expertise in sports education and its ability to positively impact the lives of our clients.

Nuts About Butter

  • Nuts About Butter is brought to you by a team of passionate food enthusiasts who are advocates of clean eating.
  • We are on a mission to get you started on eating better, by simply starting with something as simple such as your daily spreads.
  • We believe in nourishing your body & soul from inside out. With a simple homemade nut butter spread.


  • dr. MCT®is a brand established in Singapore under Keto Science Pte Ltd. Keto Science Pte Ltd works in collaboration with a leading MCT producer that supplies MCT products to large corporations in the United States and around the world. Our partner has a proven track record and experience in providing products of top quality.
  • U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) Standard
  • Keto Science Pte Ltd is committed to enhancing the health and the quality of life of people of across all ages with superior product quality and continual research and development.

Raw Living Asia

  • A team of health enthusiasts, passionate about spreading the science, method and madness of raw living foods and lifestyle to anyone who crosses our path. Our dream is to create an optimal future where people thrive not survive, grow better and younger not older and weaker.
  • As the health conscious community in Asia grows, Raw Living Asia hopes to be a touchpoint for different members of the optimal health community – instructors, learners, practitioners and newbies alike.

Poppy & Co.

  • Poppy and Co. goes straight to the source, the amazing Amazon forest and work with the local community to bring you the freshest, highest quality organic Açaí here for wholesale and retail.
  • Açaí berry is one of the highest antioxidant super-fruit in the world, wild harvested from the Amazon forest, one of the most bio diverse place on earth

Tatgu Chocolate

  • Tatgu Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore startup company which provides premium chocolate couvertures that serve the health-conscious consumers local and worldwide.
  • Products formulated from state-of-the art sugar from 100% derivative from sugarcane. This unique formulation is diabetic-friendly and allows people to enjoy the health benefits of chocolate without the negative effects of sugar. Its flavour is packed with 4-5 times sweetness of regular sugar. Hence reduce the use of regular sugar by 50-80% yet retain the same sweetness taste.


  • I believe deeply in eating real food. I bake healthy food for people who care about what they and their loved ones eat.
  • Everything is Paleo/Primal & Vegetarian, sometimes Vegan, and are free from gluten, dairy, refined/artificial sugar, grains, soy, additives, colourings, and preservatives. All breakfast items have no added fat or sugar too.


  • We coach individuals to achieve their health goals with the right mindset, the right natural food to consume and the right exercise regime.
  • First in Singapore to customize juice plans for clients based on DNA test, along with body transformation program in 7 days.

GTL World

外星食堂 ETL x Quantum Food Lab is a food project by GTL World. With a mission to promote clean eating (MSG & pesticide-free food) in the community, ETL Food Lab offers an array of local dishes specially curated by our in-house nutritionist and Chinese herbalist, with an emphasis on using freshly made ingredients and natural produce washed with ETL No.9 organic formula!


GTL World

  • Formulated by organic beauty fanatics, our products are made with a focus on achieving healthy skin for everyone, and not just for supermodels and celebrities.
  • We carefully source each top-grade natural active ingredient from different parts of the world, making sure they are packed with genuine benefits and contain no harmful chemicals.


  • Pound is the world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums.
  • It is a full-body cardio and conditioning class that gives you the permission to rock using lightly weighted exercise drumsticks.

Atos Wellness / VivaFit Singapore (SPONSOR)

  • Atos Wellness is a one-stop destination for your wellness needs. With avant-garde technologies and therapies, we offer a holistic lifestyle and not just simply a wellness programme. Founded in 1983, we pride ourselves for our long history and wide assortment of therapies and products that come from 19 different countries, including UK, France, Japan and Singapore. We have a strong commitment towards innovating ourselves to make your experience with us better each time.
  • Managed by Atos Wellness Group, Vivafit Singapore is a women only boutique gym. We believe in empowering women to be healthy, feel great and enjoy life.

Lee McKing Hypnotherapy Pte Ltd

  • What is the health? The World Health Organization (WHO) defined health in its broader sense in its 1948 constitution as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”
  • Physical health is about exercise, getting the right nutrition, and maintaining your body free of disease and illness. What about mental health? Or even the health of your social well-being?
  • Lee McKing specializes in helping you to maintain your mental and emotional health by guiding you to the root causes and resolving them so you can find positive resources. Physical and mental health co-exists with one another, they both have to be maintained, enriched and sustained interdependently of each other, yet are dependent on each other.
  • So while you might be working on improving your physical health, did you ever realize the state of your mind affects your mood and thus affects your productivity?
  • And finally, having positive visualizations can help reinforce your mind and propel you to achieve more! Have a chat with Lee McKing to find out how you can be more successful in what you do with the power of the mind.

Symphony Scentsations

Programme & Highlights

23 September 2017 (7:00pm – 11:30pm)
Asia Fighting Championship (AFC2017)

A new brand and concept entirely conceived in Singapore, AFC aims to unite nations by providing a professional platform for the showcase of talent in the art of Muay Thai. The aim is to establish the Asia Fighting Championship as a globally recognised brand within the sports entertainment segment by working closely with local and international partners and selecting and recruiting the best athletes.

24 September 2017 (2:00pm – 5:30pm)
Asia Fighting Championship Physique Championships 2017

AFC, in collaboration with WBPF Singapore (World Bodybuilding and Physique Federation Singapore), is launching the inaugural Asia Fighting Championship Physique Championships. Athletes from all over Asia will be invited to compete in the following 3 categories: Male Sport Physique, Women’s Model Physique and Open Body-Building. There will be monetary prizes for winners from each category, as AFC Physique Championship will be crowning the very first winners from each category.

Besides attractive monetary prizes, the winning athletes will be invited to represent Singapore and compete in related events all across Asia.


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Price includes space, walls, carpet, Fascia board, furniture, waste basket (furniture package varies per stand size)

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